10 September 14 – Fall is Here! (kind of…)

Thanks to everyone who voted for Jonah Smith and I on America’s Got Talent.  It was an amazing opportunity to play a storied room like Radio City Music Hall…something I’ll never forget.  We couldn’t advance to the round of 12 unfortunately…but that’s ok.  I learned a lot about where I’m going as a musician and what’s needed to get there.  So to me…I already won!  I’ll be documenting the whole trip in a blog post to be dropped hopefully by the weekend.  You should still watch the show too…tons of talent left and many have become great friends of mine.  But the even better news is…

Jonah Smith + Jacob Deaton 

We are super excited to be playing together again (for longer than a 90 second NBC spot) at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur GA on Sept 26th.  We’ll be singing songs and telling stories about our 15 seconds of fame so you don’t want to miss this show.  Bring a friend and link them on FB to this event:  Jonah + Jacob at Eddie’s

Jacob Deaton Trio goes to Ireland!

I couldn’t be more thrilled to visit Ireland for a short tour in November.  We still have a few dates to add to the calendar…but in the mean time head over to the shows page and see where I’ll be.  Also, I’m totally taking suggestions on where I should visit for fun too…a man’s gotta have a little extra-curricular fun eh?

“My Home” available everywhere!

Make sure you take a moment and preview my latest recording “My Home”.  I hope you’ll take a few moments and preview the entire record for free…simply by clicking the “Store” tab.  Older records are also available for preview as well.  It’s only a click away!