November 19th – Winter is here!

Wow it’s cold.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining.  Every year this time I appreciate when Winter settles in for the long haul…the trees are barren and the air bites you when you open the door every morning.  I love it!  Of course…I am from Indiana originally…so I could be a little bias on the subject.

So I just finished my tour of Ireland last Tuesday with two wonderful Irish musicians in Andrew Csibi (b) and Kevin Lawlor (d).  I gotta tell you it was a little stressful getting over there due to some airline complications…but it was so worth it.  One thing I loved about this tour was that I really got to see the REAL Ireland.  I didn’t take time for the touristy stuff (though I had to take a picture of a castle due to an uproar on FB by fans) but rather the more rural side of the country.  Everyone sees pictures of the landscape of this magical place and immediately puts it on the “Dream Vacation” list.  What I found the most magical took me by surprise: The People.  Without a doubt, this country has the best people top to bottom that I’ve ever visited.  Everyone was so kind and anxious to buy me a drink just because I’m not from Ireland.  I don’t think I paid for a single drink there (and yes…the Guinness is better in Ireland than anywhere else and that’s not a myth)!

I’d like to thank the band (Andrew and Kevin) for all their hard work into my music and making the tour such a success.  A special thanks to Kevin for putting this whole tour together and his soon to be wife Caroline for her culinary expertise.  You sure know how to feed a man! Kevin is in good hands for sure!

November 21st and 22nd I’ll be performing with the Tribulation Band at Churchill Grounds…Atlanta’s longest active jazz club!  Sets are at 9 and 11pm nightly.  Hope you can join us for a wonderful night of music.  I also added a bunch of new dates to the calendar coming up.  Be sure you check that out too!

“My Home” available everywhere!  Make sure you take a moment and preview my latest recording “My Home”.  I hope you’ll take a few moments and preview the entire record for free…simply by clicking right HERE!  Older records are also available for preview as well.  It’s only a click away!