19 August 14 – America’s Got Talent

Another update that’s being typed way past my bedtime…I hope I don’t misspell anything.  I’m really good at bad grammar!

I’m super excited about lots of things in the world right now.  First and foremost…tonight I’ll be supporting my good friend Jonah Smith on NBC’s hit reality tv show America’s Got Talent.  Tune in at 9pm and watch us perform! I can’t much more than that…but I can promise you won’t be disappointed.  We’ve been working real hard with Grammy-winning producers and we hope you’ll take time to watch and vote for us to move on in the competition!

Speaking of that…here’s how you do it! You can vote in three different ways. Up to 10x each way!

1. Google “AGT” when voting opens after the show and you will see pictures of all 12 contestants that performed that night. Click on our picture and a slide will pop up allowing you to vote 1-10 x. Slide that puppy up to ten and hit submit. By the way, you can do this from each device you have I think and you can also do this for each Gmail account you have. (10 times) Totally legit.

2. Toll free call 1866-60-AGT-01 for contestant 1 or 02 for contestant 2 and so on. Not sure what contestant number I am yet. They will announce on the show (10 times)

3. At NBC http://www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/vote
(10 Times)

Jacob Deaton Trio goes to the UK and Ireland!

I couldn’t be more thrilled to visit these two countries for a short tour in a couple of months.  We still have a few dates to add to the calendar…but in the mean time head over to the shows page and see where I’ll be.  Also, I’m totally taking suggestions on where I should visit for fun too…a man’s gotta have a little extra-curricular fun eh?

“My Home” available everywhere!

Make sure you take a moment and preview my latest recording “My Home”.  I hope you’ll take a few moments and preview the entire record for free…simply by clicking the “Store” tab.  Older records are also available for preview as well.  It’s only a click away!