March 2014

Ah…the brisk New York air.  There’s nothing like it.   The stench of garbage, the mobs of people walking at a frantic pace to get to their destinations and the spirit of creativity.  The world could take a lesson from this place.  Everyone seeking to find their voice and perfect it.  The late night walks home at 4am….wait.  Is that just me?  Oh well.  But I know this….New York city is like chugging a Mountain Dew as a kid.  No other city gives me this rush.   I visit here a few times a year to remind myself of the creative spirit that lives here and see friends that have made the jump.

New Indie Revenge videos now on YouTube!

Go and check them out!  They can be found at the Sounds From The Underground channel…we performed in celebration of the two year anniversary festival a couple weeks ago. Definitely worth a listen

Skype guitar lessons available! (…only a few left)

I have a pretty hectic schedule already…but if you are interested in lessons please let me know.  I don’t have many openings left but I’d love to help you if I can!