21 April 14 – The Streets Were Alive!

This past Sunday night I witnessed something I thought I’d never see.  Music In The Park – a non profit that was conceived by the mind of ATL sax legend Kebbi Williams to benefit underprivileged children and their local music programs – showcased what seemed like 50+ art based music groups in a 6 stage format spread across two city blocks.  All colors of the art music rainbow were on full display in the most public engaging performance spaces…and most of them were only a few feet away from the road that Atlanta Streets Alive had blocked off for pedestrians and bike riders to enjoy.  From more traditional jazz combos to the two marching bands that played funk grooves and Avant Garde music, the West End was alive and LOUD!  Then…the unthinkable happened: People stopped and listened.  Conversations came to a stuttering halt as attention turned towards the most abstract music as it was being played.  Cell phones were left in their pockets…or only activated to record the musical madness they were seeing.  For five hours so called “Art Music” was “public music”.  People clapped, cheered and begged for more.  

Atlanta…you never cease to surprise me.  I’m also sorry if I under-rated your acceptance of “Art Music”.  One day in the West End gave me all the energy I need for an entire year.

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