17 July 14 – Dog Days of Summer

Summer time is special in the South.  For me, that simply means Farm-fresh peaches, sweltering humidity and trying to come up with reasons to escape the heat!  Thankfully I’ve had plenty of opportunity to this season.

I had a wonderful time this past May touring with Jonah Smith for two weeks up the California coastline.  Making music with such a talented writer and performer certainly was a treat for me.  In the past I’ve heard stories of highway 1 and all of its glory…and it certainly didn’t disappoint either!  A week before the tour started I flew to NYC to play with Jonah on America’s Got Talent also.  Be sure and stay glued to that TV each Tuesday at 8pm EST…you might see me or even hear me bend a few notes!

The gig of interest this month is at Elliott Street Pub in Atlanta Georgia on July 25th…that’s where I’ll be joining the Tribulation Band for a show for the FIRST TIME THIS YEAR.  Isn’t that crazy?  It’s been entirely too long so don’t miss this show!  As always, I’m joined by Akeem Marable (s), Nick Rosen (p), Craig Shaw (b) and Justin Chesarek (d).

The Indie Revenge is Hitting the Road…Finally!

Yes.  I know.  It’s about time.  If you live in the Atlanta area you might have heard of us.  This band made up of Akeem Marable (s), Kevin Scott (b) and Che Marshall (d) and myself will be traveling up the East coast…so check out the gig page to see where we’ll be.  We also recently finished our 3rd record entitled “Lawlessness – Live at Elliott Street Pub” that will be out later this year hopefully.

“My Home” available everywhere!

Make sure you take a moment and preview my latest recording “My Home”.  I hope you’ll take a few moments and preview the entire record for free…simply by clicking the “Store” tab.  Older records are also available for preview as well.  It’s only a click away!